The Gmeiner Art & Cltural Center is committed to showcasing local, emerging, and established artists. We take interest in all forms of contemporary media including: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, sculpture, quilting, fiber art, digital art, comics, ceramics and experimental media.

So how do I get a show?

First, decide if the Gmeiner is the right venue for your work.

  • The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center is a non-profit community arts center. While the walls of the galleries are dedicated to showcasing art, the rest of the room is meant to be utilized by local community groups. There are meetings, classes, and events held at the gallery throughout the week.
  • The majority of artwork sold at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center sells for under $100.
  • Exhibits are on display for one to two months at a time.
  • The Gmeiner is open 2-5 PM Wednesday-Friday and 11-5 PM Saturday-Sunday.
  • The Gmeiner collects a 15% commission on artwork sold.

Second, prepare a portfolio.

  • Printed or digital, a portfolio shows what progress you have made throughout your creative career.

Then, present your exhibit.

  • Exhibit proposals can take many forms. My personal preference is in the form of an email with ¬†cover letter, resume, and a link to a portfolio all attached. The cover letter briefly introduces you, your work, and what your specific goals are for the exhibit. I can use the provided information when I make recommendations to the board of directors for our annual exhibit schedule.