By far, one of the most important elements of a successful art exhibit is promotion. Promotion is time-consuming and must begin long before the exhibit opens. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Social Media: Post work in progress photographs. Your friends and family are your base, so treat them right! Keep them in the loop when you’re working on something new. A few months before your show opens, begin to share the date, venue location, and pictures of your work on your favorite social media outlets.
    • Don’t overwhelm them with the minutia of every brush stroke; that would be counterproductive.
    • Do be engaging on social media. Be friendly. Answer questions. Ignore (or block) the negativity.
    • This is a free way to promote your art and your exhibit with those closest to you.
  • Email: Email an invitation to the opening to your friends and family and co-workers.
  • Press releases: Write a press release and mail (or upload) to local papers, radio stations, and online community calendars.
    • A press release should be brief and concise. Include the name of the exhibit, your name and contact information, the venue and address, the dates of the exhibit, and a breif description of your work. And of course, a photograph of you and your work.
    • However time consuming, this is a free way to promote your exhibit.
  • Posters: Print as many as you can afford and post them wherever you can get permission to do so.
  • Postcards: Some people still like a tangible reminder in their hand. Mail an invitation to the opening to those you’d most like to see at the opening.

Good luck!